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Strickler Signs is GOING GREEN!

A Partnering between W. J. Strickler Signs and Secco, Inc. will bring "GREEN" Solar Energy Technology to power your new sign using Solar P.V. Panels.

Are we really GOING GREEN?

Have you noticed many businesses touting themselves as being green? I wonder how many really are.

”Being green” is the new cool thing, it can be a great way to attract web traffic to your site and add “curb appeal”.

I have noticed businesses in our industry, electric sign manufacturing, are using the green initiative to promote their business, when in reality they are merely using components common to our industry and projecting their actions as being cutting edge.Solar Panel Maybe you have experienced the same in your industry?

The true, “being green” story, is really pretty basic in the electric sign industry. Leading off are programmable electronic LED message centers. It is as simple as this: 99% of the message centers installed in this country use the most energy efficient method of lighting, which is LEDs. LEDs use much less electric than the obsolete bulb units, other than some manufacturers using low grade LEDs, and having to drive them harder to produce the desired lighting and therefore using more electric, there really isn’t much else to differentiate the lighting methods. Other components common to signs are energy efficient: solid state transformers, electronic ballasts, LED building accent lighting and LED illumination of channel letters. Unfortunately only single faced “box signs” can be practically illuminated withLEDs presently. The more common free standing or pylon double faced sign types require such a large amount of LEDs that they actually consume more power than those signs illuminated with fluorescent lamps powered by electronic ballasts.

That’s enough about signs. Maybe some of the measures we have taken as a company could be used at your business?

LeafMy people have taken great satisfaction from planning through implementation of many earth friendly measures at Strickler Signs. We have a 12,000 square foot production area that was previously illuminated by fluorescent lamps powered by magnetic ballasts. We are saving about $175.00 of electric per month after converting the ballasts to energy efficient electronic ballasts. For years we have recycled our scrap aluminum, steel and copper. All of our waste cardboard and plastic sign faces are stored in bins with the contents being gathered periodically by the Adams County Rescue Mission, who then forward the material to the recyclers. Everybody also discards their plastic bottles and containers into a tub with the contents also going to the mission. Although it is time consuming, we collect all used mercury fluorescent lamps from our service department. When we have collected enough of these lamps we have them removed by a professional mercury recycling company. Now that’s how you do it! The everyday, humble, behind the scenes efforts make the most impact on saving our earth.

What are you doing? What could you be doing? I believe we all need to develop the proper mindset toward the environment. Environmental legislation helps, but real change must come from all of us being good stewards of the earth, and executing those little actions everyday that make a real impact from recycling to planting trees and much more.

Lamps-BulbsYour old sign could get you in trouble...

Avoid potentially costly penalties for improper disposal of lamps/bulbs that contain mercury.

Review your situation with Strickler Signs to make sure that you are not creating hazardous waste by improperly disposing of mercury-containing lamps/bulbs. Learn more about hazardous waste regulations and recycling regarding bulbs/lamps at EPA.GOV

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